Customising the Wordpress CMS

Gutenberg Block Editor

WordPress version 5 introduced a new default content editor named Gutenberg, after Johannes Gutenberg who invented a printing press with movable type over 500 years ago. This new editor replaces the traditional WYSIWYG TinyMCE editor inside the WordPress Content Management System or C.M.S.

So, why the change? Gutenberg uses content blocks which can be dropped in to a page or post to make it quicker and easier for content creators to produce engaging media rich content, something that was not easy to do using the old editor. An example of the types of blocks that are included in Gutenberg are Heading, Table, Image, Gallery, Columns, Quote, Buttons and more. As such, Gutenberg has become known as the ‘block editor’.

Wordpress Gutenberg Block Editor

Customising Gutenberg Blocks

It’s still early days for Gutenberg and the default blocks provided do not quite hit the mark for Autus or our clients. As such, and as part of our bespoke WordPress theme development, we can also develop bespoke client specific Gutenberg blocks. These enable our clients to update their website and create content ‘rich’ website pages quickly and easily without any coding knowledge. The bespoke blocks we create are based on the requirements of our client, their desired functionality and the style of the website. Some example bespoke content blocks that we have created include:

  • Call to action
  • Featured content
  • Carousel
  • Accordian
  • Contact form and many more.
Customising WordPress Gutenberg Blocks


Our most recent project which uses our Gutenberg bespoke content blocks is

More information on how to use Gutenberg and its features can be found here: