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If you are coming to the end of uni, chances are you could be thinking about what to do over the summer break. If you have a little of your grant money left or money from a job, why not get some friends together and plan to visit a festival somewhere.

This can be great fun, and you can choose either to stay in the UK or to travel to places like Croatia where the ‘Hideout’ or ‘Outlook’ festivals are held. If you’d love to party in the Spanish sun, you might look at the ‘Benic├ássim’ festival held near Valencia in July. For even more fun pack up a camper van, and mix in a little European tourism.

If your finances can’t stretch quite that far, there are plenty of festivals here in the UK, with smaller ones like ‘2000 trees’ in Cheltenham. There are also the ‘Lost Village’ in Lincolnshire or the ‘Y Not’ festival held in beautiful Matlock in Derbyshire. Tickets for these festivals are often less expensive than the bigger events.

Many students and young people on low incomes choose to volunteer at festivals. This means you can enjoy the features of festivals without forking out for the price of a ticket. A small payment or deposit is usually required, sometimes about the cost of a cinema ticket. Through the likes of Oxfam, Festaff or HotBox Events you can attend festivals like Download in Derby and Camp Bestival in Dorset.

Other favourite ways to spend the summer hols include:-

Spending some time in Europe while spending as little as possible and travelling light.
Going to as many festivals and music events as you can while funds and energy last.
Go rock climbing or bungee jumping, maybe for charity?
Take time to explore the attractions local to where you live, or maybe by getting a student rail pass and going further afield.

Whatever you decide to do, you can leave your belongings at one of the range of self storage units at Autus clients Billericay Removals. This way you can relax and have a worry free time before uni starts again.


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