Want to Work in Construction?

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Autus Chlm RhinosConstruction is a challenging job both physically and mentally, although it can also be extremely interesting. The industry has been experiencing a shortage of skilled workers as well as materials for a while now. There are a few things to consider if thinking about seeking work in construction, such as:-


When on the construction site, the ability to communicate clearly is essential, to avoid accidents and mistakes. Workers need to stay aware and make others aware of what’s going on, especially around heavy machinery. These can be very noisy environments too, so an agreed set of signals should be in place in case of emergency. Face to face communication is important, as well as staying alert.


Technique is something that can be taught or developed over time, and can mean the difference between an expert job and a so-so result. Mastering a good technique can save hours, avoid mistakes and make a job easier.

Hard Work is Satisfying

There’s no denying the fact that building work is hard, very hard! Constructing houses and roads, laying pipes and digging trenches are difficult and time intensive. Sometimes it takes a while before you can see any progress being made. But the satisfaction of a job well done cannot be underestimated, the more challenging the better.


Construction work is one area were accidents are highly likely unless care is taken. Eyes and ears need to be used around machinery, tools and equipment. Health and safety is paramount, and authorities take a dim view of incidents occurring due to carelessness. Accidents in these environments can be serious and even fatal, but the risk of human error can’t always be avoided.

All of these points aside, there is usually a lot of light-hearted camaraderie on a building site. Jokes and banter can lighten the mood, and boost positive vibes. Another definite requirement on a construction site, is a mobile welfare unit. These offer a place to relax, take a break, eat, freshen up, use the lavatory and change or dry off wet clothes. Our clients Rhinos Plant Hire, have a range of high quality mobile welfare units for every need. Call them on 01277 372 626.



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