Website Promotional Videos

Visual images are proven to be highly effective when it comes to attracting website visitors and encouraging them to spend more time on your site, possibly leading to increased activity and sales. You may know from personal experience that clicking on a website video is difficult to resist, even when idly browsing. This is just one of the reasons that having a video on your website is an excellent and relatively inexpensive way to promote your business. A website video can benefit your business in a number of other ways too!

Extended Engagement

Search engines like Google, monitor all internet activity in order to rank websites, and one of the important factors it takes into account is engagement. Web pages which achieve longer periods of visitor activity are valued by Google, and seen as providing a good searcher experience.

Rich Content

Rich content is now an essential part of any website SEO these days, and can include things like videos, animations, infographics and images. Google favour these kind of website additions, which are thought to heighten a sites interest and provide another dimension. Many of our clients have taken this on board and are receiving positive results after these additions, according to our feedback.

Rich Content Example – Interactive Composite Door Selector Tool

Please see this Composite Door selector example

On the page, please click the link to the Door Selector.

Here you will see a great example of rich website content, which allows the visitor to interact with the software and create their own specific door design.

Having completed the process many customers will wish to purchase their designed door. In effect they have often sold the door to themselves.

Promotional Website Videos

Autus offer a wide variety of promotional videos for every type of business, incorporating basic slideshow images or complete feature videos.

Simple Website Promotional Videos

These comprise of 10 – 12 still images demonstrating the clients work, with a brief caption below. They run in a sequence and include some appropriate background music. It is recommended that the video should last around 90 seconds, with these videos frequently being viewed at least twice. In this case 3 minutes is added to each page visit, which will double a 3 or 4 minute page visit.

We offer a bespoke service to our customers, and these promotional videos are no exception, so your offer can be presented as a range of products or stages of a process. This can include things like a construction project, demonstration of carpet cleaning or a hair styling method.

We charge less than £200 for a website promotional video, which represents exceptional value for money, and benefits include:

  1. Improvement of website engagement, boosting Search Engine Optimisation.
  2. The video is published on Youtube, under the client’s account, accruing further support from Google (Google owns Youtube).
  3. Visitor receives a clear understanding of the products or services you offer.

Feature Videos

If you prefer, we can produce full feature videos, demonstrating your product or service and featuring live action. This enables customers to see first hand how professional and competent your company is meaning they are more likely to make contact.

Here is a good example of a full feature video for our air conditioning client TK Air Conditioning,
TK Air Conditioning Video of rooftop installation – View Video

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