Sustainable and Innovative Technology for Carpets and Flooring

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Harley-Carpets-image-AHarley Carpets are experts in the supply of carpets and flooring of all kinds at very attractive prices. They bring their friendly, top quality service to customers in areas of Essex and London like Chelmsford, Ongar, Theydon Bois and Upminster. Their shop in Brentwood offers fitted carpets, luxury vinyl flooring wood and laminate, as well as blinds and accessories.

Kenburn Carpet Crusher

Harley Carpets are committed to responsible and sustainable solutions, and as such have invested in state of the art recycling technology. Up to now, old carpets sent to landfill in the UK amounted to a staggering 400,000 tonnes per year, which is pretty hard to visualise! The Kenburn Carpet Crusher acquired by Harley Carpets, offers their customers an incredibly eco friendly experience, allowing them to purchase new carpets with a free conscience. This is due to the fact that Harley Carpets are now able to recycle their old, unwanted carpets cleanly and efficiently using this carpet baler.

Carpet Recycling

People across the globe now accept that recycling or reusing is an unavoidable fact of life, and an increasing amount of materials are becoming recyclable. There is a sustained government push towards the concept of recycling, which was never possible where carpets and other flooring were concerned, until the emergence of new recycling technology. Harley Carpets are carpet and flooring supply contractors who believe in protecting the environment by assisting in carbon emission reduction. They not only provide new carpeting but will also take away and dispose of your old carpets. This process is extremely popular with domestic customers, commercial companies, offices, interior designers and building and refurbishing contractors etc, adding convenience and boosting their green credentials.

Vinyl Flooring Take Back Scheme

It is also possible to recycle unwanted vinyl flooring, with the help of The Recofloor Vinyl Take-Back Scheme. This is an innovative programme designed to deal responsibly with the thousands of tonnes of vinyl flooring wasted each year. Just another reason [as if you needed it] to choose Harley Carpets for your flooring needs in Essex or London.

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