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At Autus we work hard to ensure that our clients stay ahead of whichever game or industry they are in. Our customers include specialists in air conditioning, construction, storage, metal fabrication, vehicle hire, physical therapy, bespoke soft furnishings, hair and beauty to name but a few. We receive extremely positive feedback about the performance of the custom websites we have designed, and figures speak for themselves.

One client who knows all about figures, is John S Culwick, a Chartered Accountant based in Essex, offering services such as accountancy, tax and VAT advice, business support and help with new start ups. Culwick bring a high level of professionalism along with a unique personal touch, sadly lacking in many companies of this kind. We worked with John to design and create a new website which would enhance his business, and put him at a definite advantage. Not only does this new website redesign look effective and impressive, but it will allow visitors to access and browse its pages on whichever digital device they prefer. When using smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices, visitors will experience fast and efficient browsing.

This is incredibly important, as many business owners have discovered to their detriment. It is becoming widely known that to succeed in the digital world, a functional Responsive Design website is crucial. This is why some of the biggest and most prestigious companies and organisations now have mobile friendly websites.

You may have heard all about Responsive Design, and how it vastly improves the usability of websites. Research indicates that :-

  • People are 5 times more likely to leave a none mobile friendly site without lingering.
  • Website visitors will usually not stay on a site that takes longer than 3 seconds to load.
  • Mobile marketing is now used by 68% of companies.
  • A seamless experience is very important according to 83% of those who access the web via a mobile device.

We are delighted to provide John S Culwick with a state of the art website, which reflects the quality of his business. Call Autus Chelmsford on 07971 484 695

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