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Are you sure that your business website is working hard enough? Are you seeing noticeable results? You should!

seo The whole point of a company website is to promote and sell your products and services, by attracting visitors and ensuring they linger longer, browsing all you have to offer. Search engines like Google are constantly moving the goalposts, which is why the team at Autus, Chelmsford make sure we are permanently ahead of the game. One of the biggest changes we have seen recently was the move towards mobile friendly websites. Google initially informed us about Responsive Design, and we quickly integrated it into our range of services. The concept has been taken on board by many big name companies and organisations eager to remain high in the Google rankings.

Engagement, Rich Content and your Website

There are several ways to ensure that potential customers find your website, and have a user friendly experience when they do. ‘Engagement’ is one of the most important items on the list, as the more time a searcher stays on your website, the more likely they are to become your customer.
Another advantage of engagement is the fact that Google notices aspects like this and ranks your website accordingly, giving it increased internet status and visibility. Ease of navigation and hassle free purchasing of goods and services are definite advantages for your website, along with well written, informative text and pleasing images.
One fail safe way to guarantee the engagement of visitors when on your site is to incorporate ‘rich content’. Rich content comes in the form of things like interactive software such as the door selector on the website of our clients Essex Trade Windows Ltd. Visitors are invited to design their own ideal GRP entrance door, and can play around with styles, colours and designs. Once they have arrived at their perfect door, a high percentage of customers actually press the ‘buy now’ button!

Promotional Website Videos

The promotional website video is another major tool for any market leading business, allowing the visitor to view 10 – 12 still images of the clients products or services plus short descriptions. A 90 second video including backing music normally gets played twice at least, adding around three minutes to each page visit. Whether its products offered, stages of a house construction or steps in the process of hair styling the content choice is yours.

For less than £200 your promotional website video will:-

1. Facilitate website engagement
2. Appear on Youtube [which Google owns]
3. Inform the visitor about your products and services.
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