Raise the Profile of your Bathroom

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Bathroom furniture is an increasingly important part of bathroom design, as our living spaces become more compact and storage is at a premium. As with most things these days the practical aspects are equally as important as the aesthetics. Each year, in homes all over Essex, there are new trends and especially within the area of bathrooms, innovative design and water saving technology. New looks for 2019 are expected to use a variety of textures, forms, materials and finishes to bring this often neglected room into synch with the rest of the home.

Unique Bathroom Design in Southend

Whatever the current fashion, it is always acceptable to add a few unique and even quirky touches, that give character to a scheme. Tiles that are inspired by natural forms are set to become a desired feature this year, with patterns echoing things like spider webs, lily pads and ice crystals. Where there is room freestanding items such as baths and furniture pieces will make a statement. Art Deco glass, metal detailing and geometric designs will bring a wonderfully contemporary feel here.

High Quality Brassware, Benfleet

Just a little tip, when choosing brassware for taps etc, it really pays to buy the best quality you can afford, as it will perform well and last for years! This type of product is available with lasting finishes that resist tarnishing and corrosion. Wet rooms are emerging as the go to product for modern homes, as they portray an ultra modern feel, ultra flat ceramic shower trays are a chic addition too.

There is a definite mix n match flavour emerging, as people are encouraged to create a more individual look for their bathrooms. An eye catching contrast of surface finishes will add interest to your bathroom, combining gloss, matt and rough texturing. Smart technology is increasingly being incorporated into today’s bathroom layouts with touch sensor controls and hands free taps growing in popularity.

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