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Some see staying at home with their youngster as the only acceptable option, but there is evidence which indicates the opposite is actually preferable. Giving your child the benefits of a nursery environment can be a positive move for a number of reasons, apart from practical aspects like parents needing to make a living. Parents sometimes fear that a significant amount of time separated from their children will result in a less close relationship, but this is seldom the case. Quite the contrary is usually true, with both parents and children gaining from time apart.

Whether reluctant at first or not, your child will grow to relish their time at nursery, and are typically excited to relate their day. Self confidence and independence are factors, and children feel pride in their ability to go off and mix outside of the home. It is often obvious when a child attends nursery, due to better communication skills, and boosted enthusiasm when chatting about a range of subjects. Mum and Dad are normally delighted as they watch their youngster develop in all kinds of ways.

A good nursery, like our clients Channings Childcare, will introduce the child to a variety of experiences, and encourage decision making and independent thinking through play. This is blended with cooperation and compromise, which helps them to form relationships and get along with others. All good practice for adult life, as they learn to realise and consider the feelings of others. They will see that life can be fun, yet there are occasional challenges to overcome.

A wide range of enjoyable and educational activities is available at nursery, including crafts, art, cutting out and playing in sand or water. Here children can use their boundless imaginations, express their feelings and develop dexterity. Role playing allows them to act out scenarios and imitate real life in a safe way, plus talking abilities will improve with singing, reading and storytelling. This is backed up by studies that point to the fact that young children who have other siblings develop their use of language faster.

At most nurseries children have a selection of indoor or outdoor activities to develop both body and mind, and Channings nurseries are no exception. Take a look at their mobile friendly website, or check out the contact page to enquire about their service.

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