Moving Decisions

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One of the most important decisions you will ever make is your next house move, after all getting it wrong isn’t an option! Carefully consider what you’re looking for and the reasons for your move to places like Chipping Ongar, Ingatestone and Shenfield. A local move is less risky as you probably already have a good idea of what the areas are like. Moves farther afield may need a little research before you go for it and start the process. It’s difficult to get a feeling for a place during one or two quick visits, so maybe a few nights stay somewhere nearby would help. While there you can visit local pubs, restaurants and shops, where you can observe the clientèle from that community. Buy some local newspapers to see what’s going on, and maybe chat to the shop assistant, also search online.

Of course price is a big factor, so if you’re watching the pennies you might not want to look at homes in Chelsea! Properties in cities are usually pricier than more rural locations and the South tends to be more expensive than the North. London is just about the most costly place with regards to property, but obviously different areas vary hugely. Some things to think about are: –

  • Do you want a house or flat?
  • How many bedrooms?
  • Do you need a garden?
  • Do there need to be good schools in the district?
  • Are you ok with a lively place or do you desire peace and quiet?
  • Would you prefer shops within walking distance?
  • How about pubs and restaurants?
  • Are you near to friends and family?
  • Will it take long to get to work?
  • Are there job opportunities locally?
  • Are there good transport links?
  • What are the council tax rates?
  • What about crime levels?

Taking these steps will give you a truer picture of your future home, rather than just taking the estate agents word for it. Once you have answered all of your priority questions and are ready to make your move, call our clients Billericay Removals on 01277653866 or 01268 768246.

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