Home Repair, Maintenance etc

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Throughout the current situation, the government has said that construction work such as repairs to homes can still be carried out. At the end of March, the Secretary of State for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy stated :-

β€œIn these challenging times, I want to pay tribute to all those who are working tirelessly within the construction industry. Constructing the infrastructure that society needs to function or ensuring that people have safe and healthy homes to live in, you are delivering for our Nation through this difficult time. My heartfelt and personal thanks for everything that each and every one of you is doing to support our joint national effort.”

Builders, tradespeople or surveyors are amongst the people allowed to carry on working where for instance a landlord needs something fixing in one of his properties. These actions are often crucial when it comes to the health and safety of tenants. Read the government guidelines for landlords and tenants here.

Shops selling items used for home repair and DIY have not been required to close and guidance from the government states:

With the exception of the organisations covered above in the section on closing certain businesses and venues, the government has not required any other businesses to close – indeed it is important for business to carry on.[The section referred to here dealt with pubs, restaurants etc]

The government asserted that tradespeople could work in people’s homes as this is not covered by the restrictions on public gatherings. This is on condition of course that the tradesman is well and has no symptoms. Our clients Rhinos Plant Hire cater to many professional tradespeople, who use their first class plant hire service. Whatever your business requires, whether it’s Power Tools, equipment for cutting, grinding, boring, or drilling jobs in Braintree, Rhinos have the answer. Mini Excavators and other heavy plant items are also available for all kinds of tasks. Give them a call on 01277 372 626

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