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Autus Ch image 2Internet shopping is now part of our daily lives. We pay our utility bills online, buy our holidays online, do our banking online and tax our car the same way.

Watching TV, we are treated to a series of adverts for clothes stores that exist only in the ether. And when we have had enough of the clothes, appliances, boats books and cars – we sell them online on Facebook, EBay or Amazon.

Seeing and using all of these websites we could be forgiven for thinking that ‘this e com game is a doddle…..’ But its not.

Most new e commerce websites never get off the ground. There can be a number of reasons for this, here are some popular ones.

  1. All of the budget was spent on the website creation. The marketing of the website was almost an afterthought and drastically under-funded.
  2. The product has sold well in the shops, so it was assumed it would also sell well on the web.
  3. If you were going to build a new store, from bricks, you would do a full business plan to prove, or disprove viability. But this analysis is often not done for an e com website.
  4. The product selling in the necessary volume is half of the commercial consideration – but will it sell at a price that makes it viable? We have worked with several e commerce clients who have been stunned at how low some internet prices are.

We are not trying to put you off….!! But we do want you to walk through the important considerations, and ask if all the boxes can be ticked. 

Successful E Commerce Website Development.

Speak to us about your e commerce website plans. Together we can go through the considerations and help you with the numbers. We can provide the digital costings to help you make the right decision.

E commerce Website Specification

Choosing the correct e commerce website specification is fundamentally important. We see lots of e commerce websites that are technically under resourced, leading to slow performance, customer frustration – and lack of sales.

Autus offer you three specification options for your e commerce website:

Bespoke E Commerce Solution

Here we build a totally bespoke e commerce system, developed entirely around your needs. Your bespoke solution will have every feature that you need and will be modular, so that features can be changed or added as your business develops.

You will have a CMS – a Client Management System, to enable appointed staff to update the website’s content on a regular basis.

Bespoke e commerce solutions require significant time input to develop and normally cost upwards of £8,000 to design and build. And don’t forget the marketing of the website.

Magento E Commerce Platform

Magento is a very popular system for e commerce websites. Over several years it has been grown and refined to meet the needs of the majority of e commerce applications. Magento gives you access to a wide range of features that experience has told us you may need.

The Magento back office, or admin area, is user friendly and offers great scope for customisation.

Woo Commerce E Commerce Solution

To put Woo Commerce in perspective; bespoke developments are commissioned mainly by clients with some experience of trading online. Through experience they tend to know exactly what they need, and have the resources to invest in the development and marketing of the bespoke package.

Magento is appropriate for an established business which may or may not be experienced in e commerce, but has a full product range ready to sell online and has staff available to learn the detail of the Magento back office.

Woo Commerce is idea for a start up business, or an established trader stepping across to e commerce. The whole system is much ‘lighter’ than the other two. Woo Commerce has fewer additional features and options than Magento, but it is also easier to manage in house and the technical resource required to support Woo Commerce is also lighter.

So, there you have an overview of your e commerce system options. Our intention at this stage is to provide you with the basic information. The next step..?

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