Do You Have a Neck Headache?

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Constant nagging headaches at the base of your skull or top of your neck can be extremely draining and distracting. In many cases, these ‘neck headaches’ or Cerviogenic headaches can be alleviated by manipulation of the neck. Research indicates that this type of headache accounts for 4% to 22% of all headaches presented medically.

Some Causes of Neck Headache
A range of musculoskeletal and neurovascular structures in your upper neck can be the cause of neck headaches, such as the upper three neck joints. Dysfunction in spinal cord coverings, C2/5 discs and neck muscles can trigger pain. Problems with upper neck joints, neck muscles or nerves are the most likely sources of neck headaches.

Neck joints that are either too stiff or which wobble too much due to weak muscles may cause pain. An abnormal, locked joint position and poor posture will also contribute to the problem. Pain signals are sent to the trigeminocervical nucleus in your brainstem resulting in neck headache or face pain.

You could have a neck headache if you experience any of the following :-

  • Your headache seems to radiate from the back of your head to the front.
  • Neck movement, a constant posture, sleeping on your stomach or with your head turned to one side provokes your headache.
  • The headache normally feels worse on one side of your head.
  • Massage to the neck or base of the skull eases the headache.

What Differentiates Neck Headache?

Neck headaches are usually located in the same areas as migraine and other kinds of headache, leading to misdiagnosis. A skilled physiotherapist from a reputable company such as our clients Sports & Spinal Physio, can interpret your symptoms. They will look at the combination of your symptoms and carry out a short physical examination. Once neck headache is diagnosed, they can then recommend a course of treatment, that will give you some welcome relief.

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