Database Powered Websites

If you need a database which gathers, displays and manipulates information, a database powered website is the perfect solution. Autus Chelmsford specialises in designing, developing and building bespoke, high performance websites. Standard static websites are unable to cope with the significant amounts of data handled by database powered websites. Database powered websites are essential where information needs to be updated regularly or are time critical, as with for example catalogue products and prices.

Database Technologies including mySQL

The database technologies we use include mySQL, PHP, ASP, MSSQL & MS Access.

Content Management Systems

A bespoke Content Management System (CMS) is built into every database we develop, catering to the requirements of each client. A key factor in this process is overall User Experience (UX), to which particular attention is given. This ensures an easy to use, intuitive CMS built to exacting standards. Once this is established, the system can then be updated or modified swiftly in-house by non-technical staff.

Processes that Require DatabasesProcesses that Require Databases

You need a database powered dynamic website if you are:-

  • Displaying price lists
  • Showing menus
  • Listing a product catalogue
  • Managing registration of events
  • Collecting email addresses for compiling mailing lists
  • Displaying work with photo galleries
  • Managing lists of members
  • Displaying current job vacancies

Highly Skilled Database Development Specialists

We use a highly qualified and experienced team for our database development projects. Our lead developer holds an honours degree in Computer Science, and has 20 years of commercial application experience. You can be confident that your database needs are being met by knowledgeable and technically brilliant specialists. Our Salford office is ready for your call now on 0161 278 2534 to discuss your web based database requirements.

Successful Database Projects – ExamplesSuccessful Database Projects – Examples

Database Development Project 1 – Steel-Quick Ltd – Salford, Manchester

Steel-Quick are a busy, independent steel stock holder based in Manchester. Autus were contracted to develop the Steel-Quick website in a way which enabled their products and services to be viewed and sold online quickly and simply.

Fast Two Table Relational Database Development
This project involved some complications, predominantly the variation in specifications of steel profiles such as width, weight, diameter etc. A generic database structure had to be devised once the existing steel sections were analysed. It was decided to develop a fast, two table, mySQL relational database to store the steel profiles and sections.

Seamless and Fast Loading
The brief also stated that customers should be able to find and buy steel products easily and quickly. An extremely user friendly process involves the customer choosing from one of 8 steel profiles, and immediately viewing lists of sections available. This information is pulled from the database. Results may then be filtered to narrow down and target the search. Web-technologies such as AJAX and Asynchronous Javascript are used here, all of which are excellent at minimising page loading times.

Simple, Fast Price Modifications
In addition to other requirements, the ability to respond and adapt quickly to steel section price changes was essential. A secure, password protected responsive bespoke content management system was developed. This allows the client to simply log into the website in order to update the steel pricing. Any price changes are reflected instantly throughout the website.

There are at the moment 579 steel sections in the mySQL database.
We used a range of bespoke development technologies including HTML, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap and PHP.

Database Development Project 2 – Trade Window Services, Leigh on Sea, Essex

Database Powered WebsitesTrade Window Services is a major player in double glazing for Essex and Kent. TWS install high quality glazing products for retail customers and house builders, and they also supply to the trade.

TWS wanted their site to feature an online Window Quote tool, and contracted Autus to carry out the work. The useful tool allows customers to produce a price for their new UPVC windows, from a single window unit to a complete house. There is a six step process where the customer can select choices like frame style, colour, dimension, energy rating, locks, handle design and type of glass. The quote can be altered, added to and saved for later if desired. Trade Window Services also receive a copy for reference once a customer makes contact to discuss placing an order.

Plethora of Prices & Configurations
The vast amount of configuration options and related prices within this kind of online tool presents several challenges to the website developer. The decision was reached to go with a bespoke database using mySQL, excellent at storing and retrieving complex information.

The following technologies, development techniques and programming languages were also used in order to guarantee a seamless user experience: HTML, CSS, jQuery, JSON, AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript) and PHP.

You can view the Window Quote tool by visiting the Trade Window Services website here:

Database Development Project 3 – CODAS, Salford, Manchester

Market leading software solution CODAS, specifically for fuel distributors, was developed in Manchester by software house CDS. While the software enabled customers of CDS to sell their fuel over the telephone, they wished to also sell fuel online.

E-Commerce Enabled System to Integrate With Codas
Although highly specialised, the team of software developers at CDS lacked knowledge and experience where the web was concerned. Autus were glad to help by designing and developing a ‘white label’ bespoke online e-commerce enabled web system. This system was required to integrate seamlessly with the existing CODAS database.

Information was communicated between our online solution and the CODAS database at several points in the ordering process using XML (eXtensible Markup Language). XML was deemed a good fit for this project, as it was designed specifically to store and transport data.

The system uses SagePay or GlobalPayments to take payments, as these were the two providers already used by CODAS customers. Once the payment is taken, the transaction is saved by the software to the CODAS database and order notifications are sent by email. Additional technologies used included HTML, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap, PHP and AJAX.

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