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Whatever type of business you run, a database powered website is essential for efficiency, saving time and money. But you may not realise that databases are all around us! They have a significant affect on all of our daily lives, and are responsible for many things we use. Some examples of database activity include:-

TV Streaming

If you love to watch Netflix or similar, you are benefiting from database technology as you are presented with shows to choose from, or your preferences are tracked. Specialised systems have the power to analyse huge amounts of data, virtually in the blink of an eye.


Innovative database technology comes into play [‘scuse the pun] when gaming across social networks. Individual player information is gathered from around the world, and making it available on demand requires highly functional database software. A free role playing game based on the hit series from HBO ‘Game of Thrones’ for instance uses a database to ensure smooth hassle free gaming.

Cloud Storage

Large amounts of data can be virtually stored in a form of database known as ‘the cloud’, such as photos and documents. This means that your smartphone or tablet are not clogged up or suffer with limited storage space. The cloud can be synced across all of your devices, giving you easy access whenever or wherever you are.

Your Finances

Databases are employed extensively in the financial world of banks, accountants, the stock market and other financial organisations. Intelligent databases track the vast amount of daily transactions across the globe. They also analyse and predict likely future activity within this sector.


Enjoying sports and participating in speculation about results is a favourite pastime of many. Here again, database technology has a major role, as it records and calculates statistics, performance, injuries etc.

Social Media

Of course social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest rely heavily on database activity. User information covering friends, companies, products and topic themes involves complex cross referencing. No problem to the average database!

These are just a few of the ways that databases affect our lives, and we haven’t even mentioned Government organisations, eCommerce, Weather Reports and Healthcare. Browse our website to find out more about database powered websites and how they can help you.

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