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Extensions and conversions can not only add space and change the function of a building, they can be reconfigured to get the best from the available natural lighting, utilise views and increase privacy as well as enhanced garden access. If the modification is large enough they can include internal walls and doors, making them even more functional. These home improvements are typically used as playrooms, home offices, storage for excess furniture etc, or a place to relax with family or entertain friends.

An extension or conversion is often a single storey arrangement, although the value could rise if an additional storey is added. Buildings such as garages can be extended by adding a level above the roof. A taller ceiling can give an impressive spacious effect in a large room, and can be achieved either by building upwards, or lowering the floor.

Most building projects will benefit from substantial amounts of glazing, and glass is being used by many architects and designers to provide the wow factor to structures. Our clients Thornwood Construction Ltd are specialists in extensions and conversions, with one of their projects consisting of the conversion of a stable block at Fyfield, Ongar, into a single storey house. Certain restraints had to be adhered to, before being granted planning permission, but the result was an all round success featuring timber framing, UPVC cladding, vaulted ceilings and high spec spray foam roof insulation. The house has three decently sized bedrooms, a large open plan kitchen underfloor heating and an oil fired combi boiler.

Thornwood are experts at this kind of property transformation, another of their projects featuring the replacement of chicken sheds with an attractive new build bungalow in Ongar, Essex. This work needed to be closely monitored as it is in a green belt area, and not all modifications are allowed. Read about Thornwood Construction’s other projects here.

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