Sports and Spinal Physio LTD, Brentwood, Essex

A redesigned website was created for our clients Sports and Spinal Physio Ltd, who were introduced to us by a customer of ours and theirs. Sports and Spinal Physio proprietor Dan Smith is an experienced marketer who works his website intensively and is rewarded with a continuous flow of new business leads.

Dan pays particular attention to Reviews. We have discussed in detail the increasingly prominent role that trusted Reviews are given in Google’s algorithm. He is very self disciplined in his client follow up. At the end of a course of treatment, Dan contacts the patient and requests a Review. His website has several options for patients to follow; a Google review is the most significant for Google, but requires the reviewer to have a Google account, and not everyone has, or wants one. In this event there are the options of a Face Book review, or an entry on

The popularity of the S&SP website has been significantly boosted by the new mobile friendly design, enabling visitors to view it easily whilst on the move. Whatever device they are viewing the website on, they will enjoy fast and immediate results, with no endless clicking and scrolling. While travelling to work on the train customers can learn about the services offered by Sports and Spinal Physio, including the innovative Intervertebral Differential Dynamics [IDD] Therapy. This is an area of growing interest due to its significant success in delivering strong recovery results.

An informative video talks visitors through the treatment. There are several videos on the S&SP website. These serve to convey marketing information to visitors, helping to guide them gently towards conversion. The videos also help to deliver Google’s requirement for rich content, which enables visitors to interact with the website, enjoy a more participative experience and engage for longer. All of these factors, in addition to helping the conversion process, contribute significantly to improving the search engine status of the website.