Premier Build, Ongar, Essex

MD Peter Seels has vast experience of all kinds of construction, and in addition to rebuilds, renovations and extensions, Peter is also a building consultant dealing with troublesome issues such as persistent damp. He has a reputation for providing solutions to these problems where other builders and surveyors have been unsuccessful.

Autus have developed the Premier Build website from the original eight pages, to over twenty, and this client reports that a healthy number of high value construction contracts have been delivered from the website. This comprehensive website experiences an impressive visit rate, but that is less than half of the story. Peter confirms that the website is correctly marketing his business, the content being targeted at precisely the niche in the market that he wishes to develop.

Says Peter “I sit down with David at regular intervals and we analyse where our leads are coming from in terms of the services we want to focus on, and the preferred locations. We don’t want every building project that arises and we don’t want to operate nationwide. We sometimes add or even delete some activities that are no longer core, and we know that people are reading the detail of the website because they e mail me or ring me up and tell me so!”

This client feedback is invaluable to Autus. It goes into the mix of factors considered for tweaking the website content, which is then targeted even more intensively on Peter’s specific requirements.