A Mobile Friendly Bathroom Website Redesign

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Our Essex clients Hadleigh Bathrooms, have a shiny new redesigned, website to attract visits from potential customers using digital devices like smart phones and tablets. Hadleigh Bathrooms, are the latest in an increasingly long line of clients who wish to benefit from the mobile friendly experience. This type of website makes it extremely easy for customers to browse, navigate and hopefully buy, using whatever digital device they prefer, wherever they are. Not only that but Google are downgrading those websites which are not mobile friendly, so it makes very good sense to consider a mobile friendly website for your business.

Many people like to redesign their bathrooms quite frequently, as these are usually the smallest rooms in the home, and so cheaper to decorate. Plus lets face it, we spend a fair amount of time in there every day so why not make it a pleasure? Bathrooms lend themselves to experimentation with colours, themes and matching accessories. A sleek, beautifully designed ceramic range will sit perfectly with most styles, and once this is in place you can chop and change as often as you please. Nautically themed bathrooms are always a firm favourite, and 2016 is seeing a lean towards the luxurious tranquillity of a hotel spa feel too. Natural and neutral shades abound with perhaps tiny touches of vibrant colour or pastel shades here and there. Once you have designed and decorated your bathroom, you can add finishing touches like ornate mirrors, snazzy blinds, open shelving, attractive storage, and soft feel rugs.

Water saving technology is also a big deal lately in most households, saving money and lowering the homes carbon footprint. A special quality is brought to any bathroom with clever additions such as soft close toilet lids, heated towel rails and cool touch technology.

Hadleigh Bathrooms can be confident that their stunningly designed range of baths, sanitaryware, shower enclosures and bathroom furniture, will now reach a wider audience. Call Autus Chelmsford for advice about your business or e-commerce website on 07971 484 695.

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