5 Popular Pieces of Plant Machinery


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plant hireThe right tools for each job is crucial to get things done efficiently and to the highest standard. If you work in the building or construction industry, this can be even more important as machinery and tools are an integral part of the work. If you are in construction, it’s likely that you will have used or come across plant machinery at some point. Even so, there might still be tasks in Hertford where you’re unsure about which equipment would be best. Here are a few pointers about the most popular pieces of plant machinery offered for hire by specialists like Rhinos Plant Hire.  

What is plant machinery?

First let’s be clear about what plant machinery is, ‘Plant’ describes machinery or equipment used for an industrial activity. It can be used by professional contractors, tradesmen or DIYers.


Mini Diggers or Compact Excavators

Excavators are a ‘must have’ for most construction projects, especially those involving digging, trenching, landscaping, tree stump removal, mining or preparing foundations. High quality vehicles from names like Kubota are tough and efficient, and are designed for outstanding performance.


Skid Steer Loaders

Bobcat is a name many think of with these machines, or as their manufacturer named them ‘One Tough Animal’. It uses powerful hydraulics to dig foundations, break up road surfaces or help with excavation projects.



These four wheeled vehicles from brands like Thwaites have a handy load skip attached to the front so the driver has a good view of the job. Perfect for transporting and dumping all kinds of waste, debris or materials. 



Manitou Telehandlers are ideal where a high reach is needed and Rhinos have a selection of great size options. For moving and placing items at height you won’t find a better machine.



Another favourite piece of kit known for getting results is the roller whether it’s manual or powered, from names like Bomag. Frequently used for infrastructure projects and roadworks these robust vehicles produce a smooth streamlines surface in no time.




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