What is a 'Men's Shed' Anyway?

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Picture the scene, you’ve had family visiting for the Easter weekend, you’ve enjoyed seeing and entertaining the grand kids. Peace has been restored, you’ve managed to pick up all the Easter egg wrappers and straighten the house up. Maybe the Mrs has gone to have lunch with friends. Still feeling a little stressed or washed out?

How about looking online for your nearest ‘men’s shed’? The concept of men in sheds has swept communities in several countries and is now popular in the UK. Simply put, they are places where men [usually, although not exclusively] can go to create things, pass the time and socialise. The term ‘Shedders’, is used to describe this happy bunch, and this type of men’s club is popping up everywhere, so chances are there is one wherever you are located. If not you might consider starting one up yourself! It’s amazing how fast the idea will catch on, and in no time at all a buzzing community develops, where people feel welcome and useful.

Many of the UK sheds were originally started by charities like Age UK, in an effort to tackle loneliness and isolation in later years. It has had such an amazing reception, and many members talk about how being a part of these groups has changed their lives for the better. It’s widely known that men find it a little more difficult to ask for help, and will often put up with sitting in feeling bored and miserable.

Men’s sheds are ideal for meeting like-minded souls, learning, sharing and practising DIY skills or indulging in whichever hobby or interest you like. Pastimes seen in these sheds range from woodwork to miniature railway building and everything in between. But there is one thing that all of these sheds seem to have in common and that is a friendly welcome! Firm requirements include laughter and tea [or coffee of course].

You can read more about the UK Shedder’s Community on the SM Garden Sheds website, and who knows it may even inspire you!

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