Web Design

17617_wwwessextradewindows_22_1280Here at Autus we will produce the perfect website for your needs. This is not just lip service and it won’t happen by accident, we work hard to make it happen. Firstly we take the time to sit with you and explore your business.

  • The positives, the plus factors that differentiate your business, in any way, from the competition
  • We need to also recognise the restrictions which may make some sectors of the market, currently, unattainable. We do not waste your budget chasing the unattainable.
  • Through the dialogue, we tease out the different classes of keyword search terms that are essential in the marketing of the website (See SEO)
  • We discuss your aesthetic and design preferences, to help us to present to you a contemporary, attractive and effective design
  • We always design with the user in mind, ensuring minimum effort is required to get to where the visitor wants to be and to where our client needs the visitor to be
  • We ensure that Calls to Action are integrated into the design, to prompt contact and start the conversation, encouraging the visitor to step into the transacting process
  • All of our website developments are now built to a mobile friendly specification, so they resize to suit the screen on which they are being viewed. This is part of our 30 point Build Spec, which helps us to ensure the perfection that our clients expect and deserve

Further Website Services:

We have identified 3 website services that we believe merit a page in their own right:

E Commerce Websites

We offer a range of e commerce website solutions. There is no one size e com solution that fits all requirements, so we tailor the system to meet your current and prospective needs. More details on the E Commerce page.

Mobile Friendly Websites

We are in the technology business, and developments in technology are continually impacting web design and the marketing of the websites.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation is a multi faceted process, intentionally, as the acknowledged worldwide leader in the market, Google, deems it should be so, for the right reasons. Please visit SEO for details.