Responsive Website Design – For High Performance, Mobile Friendly Web Viewing

Autus Ch image 1Back in April 2015, Google ‘encouraged’ us all to shift our focus towards mobile friendly websites, as they began their downgrading of non mobile friendly websites. The prime function of a website for all types of businesses, is to attract and inform customers, and promote products and services. This in turn will boost sales and allow your business to experience healthy growth. It is crucial to react to major changes within search engine protocol, in order to ensure maximum online visibility for your business. It is a fact that more internet searches are now performed on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets than on desktops and laptops.

Consequently, you now need a ‘Responsive Design’ website, meaning it can be viewed and navigated with ease on ‘any’ device. Some have made the mistake of having a ‘mobile version’ of their website. This is lower cost than a responsive re-design, initially. There after you have two versions to update and maintain. Google and many other authorities on the subject prefer a fully responsive website.

Mobile Friendly Design Implications for your Business

Over 80% of internet users own a smartphone, so it makes sense to ensure that your website is mobile friendly. When a user lands on a page of your website, you have around 5-7 seconds to convince them that they are on the right site in relation to their search. If they search on a mobile device and have to scroll around and click through your site, our experience indicates that they are twice as likely to click off and carry on searching until they land on a more relevant site. Google rates websites not only by amount of visitors, but by ‘user engagement’ – the time spent on a website.

Almost 50% of those who shop online, state that the most important quality of any site is ease of use. You may be confident that your business offers the best quality products and services, with excellent prices and fantastic customer service, but if visitors are not spending the time and effort to browse your site, you won’t get the results you want. In 2013 over 70% of all internet access was performed via mobile, in 2014 it was over 79%, and the figure is expected to reach 90% by 2017.

With over 73% of mobile searches triggering follow-up actions there is a lot of incentive to get your website working for you by engaging your visitors..

Responsive Design, Perfect Answer to Game Changing Update.

Google’s game changing update has presented a challenge to business owners. After the initial widespread panic about the shift in emphasis towards mobile friendly web viewing, business owners are responding to the opportunities that ‘mobile search’ presents.

We are receiving calls from website owners who cannot understand why they are experiencing fall off in visitor numbers and sales conversions. As digital marketing specialists, the team at Autus can provide you with a tailored mobile friendly solution to suit your specific requirements.

Affordable Mobile Friendly Websites, Digital Marketing, Chelmsford

18694_wwwtraditionaloakcon_13_1280Mobile based e-commerce is booming and as the use of smartphones and tablets has boomed, purchases are increasingly completed on a mobile device. Local search ‘on the go’ means that restaurants, taxi firms and shops, along with other businesses offering a variety of local services, are searched while on the move. Local information is searched on a smartphone by 94% of users. Even when at home, people will search while in the bedroom, living room and kitchen on their mobile or tablet.

It has been noted that desktop and laptop sales are dwindling as internet users now instinctively pick up their mobile device.

This trend will continue, so call Autus Chelmsford for a FREE consultation. We have a range of software options allowing us to provide you with a bespoke, fully functional and affordable Responsive Design website.

Responsive Website Design – For High Performance, Mobile Friendly Web Viewing, Mobile Friendly Design Implications for your Business. Responsive Design, Perfect Answer to Game Changing Update. Affordable Mobile Friendly Websites, Digital Marketing, Chelmsford